about-rightToolond Plantation is at an altitude of 300-500 metres with views over rural valleys to the ocean. Some of the diverse rugged escarpments of Mount Jerusalem National Park are to the South and West of the plantation. 

To the North and East there are exceptional views across the mountains, down the Main Arm valley and to the ocean. 

Toolond Plantation is in one of the few agriculture areas left in the Brunswick Valley. From 1937 to the late 1950’s bananas covered 85 acres of the plantation but today only 10 acres is under cultivation with an advanced Bangalow Palm, Treefern and Grasstree Production Nursery. 

A few bananas and avocados are still grown on the property. Much of the plantation has reverted back to natural scrub with the help of a regular tree planting (landcare) program. Some areas are being planted up with Tallowood trees, a local plantation timber.